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Girl’s Night Out will feature renowned author, music, giveaways

Mercedes Thomas, Special to The Quad

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What do you think of when you hear the words “girl’s night out?”

Do you think about high heels? Makeovers? Alcohol? Close friends?

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, author and speaker Marian Jordan Ellis is coming to West Chester University all the way from Texas to share her story. This event, known as Girl’s Night Out, will take place at 7 p.m. in Main Hall room 168. Specifically tailored for college women, Girl’s Night Out is an incredible opportunity to bring unity on campus through a night of music, food, prizes and fun.

“What I am most excited about for Girl’s Night Out is for the girls on this campus to hear that they do not have to meet the standards of this world to be accepted or loved,” said Yemi Kiyesi, a member of the Girl’s Night Out planning committee.

Another member of the planning committee, Amy Soster, said, “I am excited for Girl’s Night Out because it’ll be a time to lift one another up! It will be a night to celebrate ourselves and to find true value in who we are.”

Hosted by Cru, Ellis will share her experience as she moved from Greek life to the sex and the city life and finally to a fulfilled life. Based on her book “Sex and the City Uncovered,” Ellis will discuss how she went on a journey to discover worth, identity and love.

Ellis is the founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries and the author of six books. A member of Chi Omega in college, she moved to a big city after graduation and lived a life much like that of “Sex and the City.” Despite her career, cute guys and everything she thought she ever wanted, she still felt empty.

Today, she has traveled to over 80 college campuses to talk about how she found love in the middle of her brokenness. She lives in San Antonio with her husband Justin and their two sons, Andrew and Brenden.

“You reinforced what I needed to hear, not the lies that the world tells us. It was finally truth,” said Anne, a student who attended a Girl’s Night Out event in the past.

So what can you expect from Girl’s Night Out? For starters, there will be door prizes. Door prizes will include donations from Starbucks, Modere (an all-natural lifestyle company), Barnaby’s, Pink Zebra and so many more! Who doesn’t love the chance to win free stuff?

Merchandise from Ellis, such as T-shirts and books, will also be available for purchase both before and after the event. Her book “Sex and the City Uncovered” will be on sale for a mere $2, which is a fantastic deal for college students.

At the event, women will be able to learn about an awesome opportunity to join a book club to discuss Ellis’ book. These book clubs will be formed to just learn more about Ellis’ story and give women a chance to process and discuss it together.

Olivia Kimber, a member of the Girl’s Night Out planning committee said, “The book is tailored for young ladies looking for something to fill the void in their heart.”

Women will have the opportunity to express interest in signing up for a book club after the event. Book clubs will be about an hour once a week, where the girls will go through the book chapter by chapter. The book clubs will be led by other college women, and the conversations are going to be fun and engaging.

This is WCU’s first time welcoming Ellis to campus. The Girl’s Night Out planning committee has been working diligently since last September to put this entire event together. We are so excited to welcome every single woman to attend and to embrace the diversity of our campus. And the best part? It’s completely free to attend.

“The event sparked discussions all across campus,” said Mary Karen, a student at UNC Charlotte. “Some girls heard the story of redemption for the first time and others are finding hope in the midst of pain.”

Still wondering why you should come? Imagine being surrounded by other women who are all searching for the same things: to feel loved and to feel accepted.

Girl’s Night Out is relatable and entertaining, with covers of popular songs, an engaging talk by Ellis, and great door prizes.

Erica Howard, a member of the Girl’s Night Out planning committee, sums it up pretty well: “Who doesn’t love a little girl talk?”

If you have any questions or would like more information about the event on Feb. 22, please contact us at [email protected]

Mercedes Thomas is a third-year student majoring in English and communication studies with a minor in film criticism. She can be reached at [email protected]

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The Student News Service of West Chester University
Girl’s Night Out will feature renowned author, music, giveaways