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Health: preparing for finals

Alecia Sexton, Staff Writer

May 1, 2017

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We all know what it’s like to have brain fog. Whether it’s because you didn’t get enough sleep, haven’t eaten or just aren’t feeling yourself. It’s normal. But with finals quickly approaching and scholastic demands...

Nutrition: food insecurity

Liz Whelan, Special to the Quad

May 1, 2017

Filed under Lifestyle, Sports

Has there ever been a time when you ran out of meals in the middle of the week? Or you had to pick either buying a textbook or buying this week’s groceries? These are signs of food insecurity and research shows that 48 percent...

Fraternity and sorority recruitment quickly approaches

Staff Writer

October 2, 2013

Filed under Lifestyle, News, On campus

In the upcoming weeks, recruitment for fraternity and sorority life will be at its peak. As many students have seen, there are posters, Greek t-shirts, pamphlets, and a number of other advertisements around campus. For some of...

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